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    I purchased Agendus a little while back, mainly because people talked about how good it was, but over all, I find the Treo 650 calendar app more efficient and better looking! Here's the details:

    I have Agendus Standard 9.06 on a Treo 650. When I open a contact and attempt to use the menu option called "Send Email" nothing happens. Also, when I select "Send SMS" nothing happens. I've looked through the prefrences but can find nothing about setting up what SMS or Email program that Agendus uses. I know the Agendus standard edition doesn't come with an email or SMS program, but I don't want to use one of those, I just want to use the program that came with my phone. How do I get Agendus to open one of those from the contact menu? I thought Agendus' strong point was supposed to be it's integration with contacts?...

    Ok, even MORE annoyances with Agendus!... The reminder popup doesn't even tell you how long it is until your appointment or what time it is now?!?! This is such a basic thing! If you're going to be reminded that you have a 5:00 appointment, don't you want to know what time it is NOW? or at least how long you have until your appointment? So basic, yet it's not there! The Palm OS Built in Calendar even has this, but does Agendus? Nope! Why?

    So many things seem like they are missing or not well implemented... In the Split 1 Day view it uses bars of color to differentiate between rows, but why can't I change the color of the rows? That bright pastel blue is ugly, and calls too much attention to it self!! I don't want my eyes attracted tot he lines, i want my eyes attracted to the appointments! Let me change it or at least use a more subdued color so it doesn't glare in my face! Also, in the Today screen there are bright blue bars dividing the sections, but I can't change their color? Bright colors should be reserved for things you're trying to draw attention to. I don't want my attention drawn to the devider lines! I want to draw my attention to the important appointments, etc. And what if it doesn't match my color scheme? At least make it grey or match the Palm OS color scheme.

    Also, why can't I use one of the hard buttons to cyle through views that include more than one view of today? If I want to view the Today screen, and then view the 1 Day "Split" screen (or any of the other 1 Day views) so I can simply see the empty slots in my day, I can't toggle between those with a hard key! The Palm OS built in Calendar has this, but Agendus doesn't. I expected Agendus to be more configurable than this, or at least be a bit better designed!

    Too many things about Agendus make it slow, or ugly. I'm begining to regret purchasing it... I figured it would be more configurable when I got deeper into it, but I'm coming up disapointed. All these issues all together are about enough to make me go back to using the standard Treo 650 calendar app. It's quicker, looks better, and seems to be better thought out from a user interface point of view... Agendus has some nice things about it, but the bad outweighs the good, for me. For me the biggest negative is not having the current time of day on reminders!

    Anyone have any answers to these problems?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacobh
    Anyone have any answers to these problems?
    Datebk5 ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    Datebk5 ?
    Indeed, Datebk5.
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    I have Agendus Pro, not sure how different that is from the Standard, but under prefs in the menu I have it set up to use the default SMS for SMS and Agendus Mail for email, but before I got the Agendus mail I had set it up for the default mail. And when I click on a contact to send a SMS or email it opens which right up. As far as the coloring and such I am able to customize through the prefs under misc. My divider lines are not blue, may have something to do with the color theme I am using...and the reminder..I'm not sure about it's not a biggy for me since once I click ok or snooze I end up back at the today screen which has the time on it...oh and when using agendus you must make sure that in you Treo prefs it is set to use SMS for SMS, mine for some reason was set for MMS once I figured this out it has been smooth sailing for me with Agendus.
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    Having been a long time user of Agendus...
    Have You adressed these issues to Iambic?

    ...oh...and to have SMS and Email work with another program just choose it in Preferences -> Misc.

    ...and You can choose to NOT let Agendus handle Your reminders. If You untick that in Preferences the Palm default will be used.

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    It must be you...I've used Agendus for several years now...minimal problems...I usually stay a version or 2 behind unless I'm having problems. I was having a problem with 9.03 or 9.04 until I got the lastest, 9.06. No current problems...I stay here for a while. I have Pro...I don't think send email/sms works with Standard. If that's the case, that's pretty poor on iambic's part to list those options even though they don't work, but I wouldn't put it past them. I'm no iambic fan, I just like Agendus better than the default. Datebk5 is just too powerful and too many features for my likes.
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    im still debating whether or not to go to Agendus or Datebk5. The reason for the possible move is soley for the better looking calendar. At present i am with ksdatebook and enhancing it with clockselector but im searching for some reviews on agendus and datebk5
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    I say go datebk5 with 2day and 4cast, my setup
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    Mine too.

    Besides, there is wonderful peer support, with participation from the developer of Datebk at
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    Hey Quick Question, specifically for the T650 owners...
    Since memory is at a premium with the "new improved" memory system on-board, is there a difference in how this is handled between these 2 programs?
    I've been an Agendus user since 2003, but the Treo 650 is bringing me to the brink of deleting it, cause each contact is stored both in the COntacts as well as in Agendus, creating twice the footprint in ROM. Of course, moving Agendus to SD doesn't work cause it wouldn't Sync, at least not last time I checked.

    Is DB5 the same?
    Any tips appreciated.
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    no datebk5 isnt the same the new version works great
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    although i'm a long-time datebk fan, i actually kind of like the UI for TMP 1.15. It's nice and simple and is a throwback to the old days, when I had paper and pen. the lack of extensive functionality (e.g. repeating events, etc) has kept me on datebk though.
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    I hated agendus also. one of my complaints was too many features over done. basic palm calendar you tap a time slot type right on the screen and you get an appointment. agendus brings you a big crazy form with so much complication. simple is better
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    Just for giggles, I actually opened the default calender on my treo (can't remember when was the last time I did)...And quickly realized I would never use it over Agendus. I love using icons, and the intergation between tasks, meetings, calls, and journals (though I do use daynotz now for my journals). Personally, I don't think the default calender even comes close to Agendus. Just my opionion.
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    I think its just I love Agendus, don't like Datebook 5 at all.
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    i've used both. agendus does some things way better than datebk5. datebk5 seems to be more powerful. for instance if come up with a view by filtering or searching in datebk5 you can set a icon, category, color and fontsize on the view. can't do that in agendus.

    agendus can display images in the contact view (as well as other views).

    agendus seems to too 'pretty' whilst missing some basic and more powerful features that a 3rd party calendar should have.

    i will probably switch back to datebk5. but for everyone else try the trial for both and choose.
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    I love Agendus. For me, it has to be about looks and Datebk5 is just kinda plain in my eyes. Agendus does all I want it to do, plus look purty ^_^.

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