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    When Iam using Blazer, my 5 way nav button wont scroll the page or highlight links contained on the page. This feature was working fine just 2 days ago! I havent changed any settings at all. Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks,
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    not sure why that would happen but just make sure that you have it on optimized mode not wide page mode....
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    That is exactly what it was, thanks for the reply!
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    The Blazer optimized mode works normally on most pages, but on some pages I have started getting horizontal scrollbars. I have Cingular branded unlocked Treo with latest Cingular update (CNG). For example, if I do a shoutcast search from treobits main page, the resulting page has horizontal scollbars - I thought that in optimized mode, I should only see vertical scrollbars. This makes navigating with 5-way a bit harder.
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