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    This morning, enabled summary view and color coded my 2 IMAP accounts.

    Everything seemed fine until it started to hard lock. Only way to get back in is to do a soft reset....this has been happening like ~5 times today.

    About 1hr ago, I disabled summary view, and it's working smoothly. Can there be a bug with summary view? Or is it something I am doing wrong?

    My setup:
    Cingular GSM/ Unlocked FW 1.28, 1.13 ROW
    AOL IMAP servers
    (Running Verichat "Always-ON" SMS mode on the background..if that matters)
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    I don't know anything about a problem like this. I suspect VeriChat.

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    Why Verichat?
    Cingular 680
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    Because I've heard of some problems with always-on; it's just a thought. I'm not aware of any Chatter issues that are remotely similar to what you're describing.

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    update: again, it locks up

    when in verichat, i changed it to DATA MODE only (not SMS) and it appears to be more stable.

    Also, I checked efficient sync in Chatter....but I rather prefer it to be always syncing.

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