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    just got treo 650 with VZW...signal strength is typically 1-2 bars less than the VWZ moto t720 I also use ( in identical locations) is this typical? my moto 720 often 4-5 bars while treo 650 hangs at 1-2. A cause for concern and reason to swap the Treo for new one?
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    Don't just go by the is the reception? Any different? My Treo rarely says full signal yet most of the time the reception is fine. I would definitely test it with 2 phones, and if it is different then I would try a trade-in.
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    as far as I know 'bars' from phone to phone mean completely different things. there is no official rule that an rssi of x should display y bars.

    so unless its obvious that the reception stinks you can't go by bars alone.
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    I just got my Verizon 650 on monday and today I heard it loose signal then get signal again really quickly. I have noticed less signal then before on my Verizon 600.
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    I noticed the same thing..and the quality of service IS depreciated.

    My treo drops more calls than my other phone.. significantly.

    I'm wondering if the new update will allow for better signal strength?

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