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    I get this every time I try to connect even though o2 assure me my settings are correct. My 600 is ex Orange UK now o2 Ireland
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    I was getting this 0x7143 last months. I am on T-mobile USA, with $20 VPN plan.

    Called T-mo, went all the way up to tier 2/3. After several weeks, they told me that was due to the busy tower. So I suggest you check with O2 first.

    Hope this helps.
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    I am on O2 prepaid using a TReo 600.. I can connect to GPRS but cant get any data downloads.... ?? Let me know how u go please.
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    Had the same problem a month ago. O2 wouldn't work, Vodafone worked fine. My provider is KPN in Holland.
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    Well the Ox 7143 message was because I hadn't asked o2 to GPRS enable my sim ! Apparently the sim should do this but they often don't work. I now have a proper signal & according to o2 all my settings are correct but I can't download
    Whenever I click "internet" I get the message "sending" & a little revolving clock then after a a minute or so I get message "Data timeout" even though my Gprs indicator is showing the two way "arrows". Palm are utterly useless. They suggested (after waiting 4 days for their response) that I update even though I told them I already had & they said I could select o2 Ireland as a SP - wrong !

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