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    Quote Originally Posted by Katway
    Snapper will check in the background and only leave on my screen if I actually have received email.
    Snapper can't check mail in the background.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksfhhllp
    I guess if you had exhaustively searched, you wouldn't have posted this thread...

    Main Entry: ex·haust
    1 a : to consume entirely : USE UP <exhausted our funds in a week> b : to tire extremely or completely

    I really don't understand where you're coming from. You posted a definition of exhaust, but you failed to show me any other post(s) that I might have missed during my searches.

    According to the definition, there are 3 uses for the word exhaust:
    1. to consume entirely
    2. to use up
    3. to tire extremely or completely

    My use of the word exhaust was definition #3: TO TIRE EXTREMELY OR COMPLETELY. I feel this could have beed discerned (but obviously was not by you) without explanantion. Since I was unable to find anything that satisfied the question in the form I was looking for, I started a thread asking this question. Unfortunately, your reply was not helpful to ME, or anyone else that might ascertain helpful information regarding this thread's topic, although, it would have been better (in the context of this thread) to have either not said anything, or posted something helpful (even if you had led me to a previous post, which addressed this question).

    Anyway, hopefully we can not start a flame war and I can continue ascertaining helpful information from fellow Treo|Central users.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman
    Snapper can't check mail in the background.
    I'll clarify. Snapper turns on the treo, checks mail, then quickly shuts off if I don't have any mail. If I have mail, then it will notify me by leaving the screen on for a minute with a notification of the message received.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman
    Snapper can't check mail in the background.
    One of the biggest reasons I use Chatter - but there are more.

    I'm actually a "purchaser" of VersaMail (I used it on my T600), Snapper and Chatter. After using all three exhaustively, I have settled on Chatter. If you do have IMAP (and I realize the person asking this doesn't) there is nothing to compare. However, if I only had POP3 I'd probably think VersaMail was just fine. If you already have purchased Chatter though, I see no reason to look any further - my two cents!

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    Good Point Danita~

    So often these issues/Q's come down to what's practical, and that definitely includes considering what we've paid/ registered for in the past.
    Beyond that, it's up to an individual's needs (is it IMAP, battery-saving, memory storage, ease of use, reliability, attachment support, tech support, or even cost of upgrade down the line, it could be anything).
    I'm glad to hear you say that folks could be happy with several products. A few folks on this & other boards get behind 1 and only 1 product, and no one gets a straight perspective.
    I'm certainly "Retiring" VersaMail for my uses, and I've got an active reg for Snapper since the Treo 300, so I'll likely keep that running. But on your suggestion I'll keep Chatter in mind if I need other feature-sets.

    Hope this all helped the original poster as well.

    PS~ Searching isn't the only thing "exhausting" on this board, ksfhhllp!

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    While on the subject, this link might be helpful, Rob.

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