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    I updated to 1.15 CNG and what happens now is something minute but urks me too much. Mind you, I don't use keyguard. When the pda is off and phone on, if you hit the green button it goes to the phone app but, it automatically pulls up the recent call list. It's like it automatically hits the phone button again WITHOUT ME WANTING TO. Why don't I want to? Because I don't pay for Butler and just use the phone side to launch stuff and while it's hung there with the recent call list you can't execute shortcuts. Sure I if I just hit another button to the left it'll go away. But I didn't authorize this! And regardless I liked hitting the phone button and just going to a picture that I set as wallpaper. It's more pleasant than always seeing those dang boring dull ICONS. Sure I can get a launcher but I don't want to add points of failure to an already ancient OS nor do I want to pay cuz I could barely afford my Treo. Which I do love mind you...

    So can I get an older rom and install it over this newer one?

    Or should I do that SUPER RESET where you hold down the hotsync button(how do you do that again?)?

    Thanks people.
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    With 1.15, mine just goes to the phone app when I touch the phone button when the treo is off. Still have to touch phone again to go to list. This is true even if the treo is off in the phone app.
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    I've been trying a zero out reset and it doesn't seem to be working. Any help.

    trying to install an older ROM isn't letting me it says ther ROM is more current then cancels...

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