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    When installing Palm Desktop it asked if I wanted to sync with outlook, palm desktop, or both. I selected both.

    Well it only synx with outlook now and I entered all my contacts into palm desktop. So how can I change it to both or just select palm desktop and forget outlook altogether? I've searched all over and can't for the life of me figure it out.
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    I just did the same thing with my Treo 700P, selected sync to both, and it only sync'd to Outlook.

    With my older Treo 600, Palm's info to sync w/ Palm Desktop -vs- Outlook instructs one to *RUN THE INSTALLER* and select whichever one you want to sync to. (It only offers you Palm Desktop or Outlook, not both.) -and if you want to change it, your *RERUN THE INSTALLER* and select the other one. Since I wanted to sync at least once a week with both, I wound up running the installer twice each week.

    With the current installer though, if you rerun it, you only get options to repair, modify, or remove. Neither repair nor modify lets you change your sync selection, so the only thing I've found that works is to uninstall and reinstall. But when I did this, selecting Palm Desktop after having sync'd with Outlook (having selected "both"), I wound up with double entries for everything in my AddressBook. *grrrrr*. Clearly, the "sync to both" option is completely broken.

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