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    If you're running WU-IMAP as your IMAP server, you've probably noticed that using Chatter in push mode is a HUGE drain on the battery. This is because the standard configuration of WU-IMAP includes a "keepalive" feature that pushes useless data over the idle connection every 2 minutes. The intention is to prevent NAT timeouts, but you don't need that for Chatter, and it's constantly reactivating your connection so it unnecessarily eats battery and bandwidth (and, on CDMA devices, makes you miss calls).

    Over on, I've posted a way to edit WU-IMAP's source code to disable the keepalive feature. That means your idle connection STAYS idle until there's useful information that needs to get sent. The only downside is that you have to recompile imapd -- which, if you're using an ISP, they might not do for you. But if you are running your own WU-IMAP server, this modification will save your bandwidth and your battery!

    Check it out here:

    Thanks very much to Marc for helping hunt this one down.

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    is it possible to work with AOL's email?
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    Nope, sorry. As I mentioned, in order to implement this fix, you have to have direct access to the mail server and be able to recompile it.

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