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    so far all i am getting is, "the updater is incompatible with this device"

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    Since at least a couple of folks have reported success going from 1.28ROW to 1.31CNG, you might try upgrading to 1.23-->1.28-->1.31
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    I agree, mine worked fine. I did have to do the upgrade twice to get to 1.15
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    sucessfully upgraded to 1.28 ROW but still getting same error message trying to go to 1.15
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    finally got it. the difference was I had been using my mac the whole time. just because i knew the installer was different for windows, i decided to try it on my dell. this time it worked just fine
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    I had the same problem (FW 1.23), and used a PC to patch, however, the firmware now reads 01.31 while the software reads Treo650-1.06/9027/

    Shouldn't the new software be version 1.15?
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    Yes. Several folk have reported that you have to perform the upgrade process twice when going from a ROW version to 1.15CNG - the first time only appears to upgrade the firmware, while the second one hits the software.
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    Ok, I'll give the patch a second go...and report my findings
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    I did mine on a mac and after several "this update is not compatible" messages, I did the following: First I installed all of the upgrade files except the AAAChecker files. Then after syncing, I went to my launcher where I saw an app called D.C.; ran it (with Treo in the cradle) and the firmware updated without a hitch. BTW, I had the 1.28 ROW installed on a Cingular branded, unlocked 650.

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