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    Is there an available application which supports reading newsgroups ? If so , which is the best one of the lot .

    Thanks in Advance
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    Answer to my own question . With some search on google came back with result on treocentral

    haven' t tried it yet ... but worth giving a shot .
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    OK for reading NGs, but no binaries. Google groups ( only carries binaries in Google's own groups, not the usenet groups AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.
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    Go to If you can afford the modest monthly fee (9.98) you can download binaries to your palm with their web-based reader which will work good with blazer. (do it all the time but a bit slow)
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    I use easynews and they are very good. I don't read newsgroups very often anymore, but easynews was the best in terms of price and performance. Can't really go wrong with them. Binaries are almost always complete. Support is great. As mentioned above the web based reader is top notch.

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