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    Ah, so in other words, you SEARCH for the most recent 350 e-mails, but since AOL doesn't support the IMAP SEARCH command, chatter pukes (by design).
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    t2gungho mentioned in the past post that he is having no problem sending gmail to aim. I have set up the aim on my treo 650 and it works fine. In another thread people have mentioned problems sending attachments with versamail. I can send small attachment fine but with pictures from media or spashphoto I get the time out message. Is there a way to then send gmail from aim account with attachments?

    Why don't they make netscape accessable? It is the same signon and password as my aim account.
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    What is this IMAP SEARCH command for and does AOL's IMAP support it yet?
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    As I am considering replacing my Fastmail account, I've started putting my AIM and AOL mailboxes back online since the weekend. In this thread Marc mentioned about the 350-message limitation and the lack of IMAP SEARCH. Is there still a problem for AIM/AOL? Is it causing extra battery juice?

    Also, I noticed that there's no longer a red asterisk next to the envelop icon on the lower right of the screen. Does it mean anything? (I recall there's one when I put my Fastmail account online).

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    FWIW, I found AIM way long ago and love it. I am a medium email user and it has performed perfectly for many months now. For hefty email needs I just use my desktop. But when out and about and responding quickly it is so nice and reliable.
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    The limit for AIM/AOL is 2048 messages in any folder (including INBOX); this is due to AIM/AOL's incomplete IMAP implementation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t2gungho View Post thing I did get was a warning when I tried to send email using chatter with the aim profile. When I set up the smtp profile for aim...I wanted the return address and reply to address to be my gmail. When I did that, I got a 505 alert saying that they had to be the same.

    So, to remedy it, I changed my smtp server settings to use gmail. Just thought it was odd that Aim would care whether my return and reply address were different than my aim address?

    BTW-those interested in setting up aim for doesnt need SSL.
    login: only username without
    ret'n addr : has to be your aim address
    reply to: any address you want
    tick TLS
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