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    I'm going to set-up my e-mail tonight on my Treo 650.

    What I intend to do is NOT use the wireless sync.
    I just want to check my home e-mails.

    So, first, should I use the e-mail application already in the Treo 650 or use the VersaMail program?

    Second, what're the differences?

    Third, if I use VersaMail, should I remove the e-mail program already in the Treo?

    Thanks, from someone new to this and confused.

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    Chatter email seems to be the buzz around town >
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    Um...isn't Versamail the email program that comes with the 650?

    I think it is, you can use that, snappermail, or chattermail.

    Never been a fan of Versamail, But I have used Snapper now for a year and I am trying to convert to the FAST Chattermail.

    Do some thread searches about each and you will figure it out.
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    Do you have pop3 access to your home email. That is required to usa the versamail to pull your mail down automatically for you. You can also view most web based email through the built in web browser just like you would from a pc. This is a more labor and time intensive method. Versamail has many of the common sevice providers email setting built in. Go though the setup and see if it already has the info you need.
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