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    My brother has a Cingular account with SMS Text Messaging + Unlimited Data, while my account is only pure Unlimited Data.

    He set his up for SMS Notification Always-On mode, while I set mine up for DATA only.

    His Verichat (AIM Screen name) tend to be connected much longer than I. His will stay up for up to 2 days, while mine will log me off every 2-6 hours

    Since I have chatteremail, I was thinking I can sertup a dummy email and have it pushed to me and use SMS Always-On mode from verichat? Will this work? Will this be counted as DATA or SMS Text Messaging from Cingular?

    Does anyone have any other solutions?
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    same for me. the always on data mode feature lasts a few hours at the most. so sorry I paid for this. and no, its not my signal dropping out.
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    I was having the worst time with my connection, and I partially criticized Chatteremail for it, until I decided to temporarily remove Verichat. It's like I have a whole new Treo! No logging in and out all day, no persistent connection attempts that block me from doing what I was doing until it finishes, etc. i was using the data connection and I have Cingular as well. There latest beta seemed to make it worse. I'm going to continue to test my Treo out Verichat free through next Monday to make sure it was indeed Verichat. I'll be looking for an alternative instant messaging service is that's the case.
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    I'm having issues with Verichat and the Always on Feature also. I use SMS mode though. I think it has to do with connecting and how it switches to data mode and doesn't revert back to SMS mode properly on exit. I also think Verichat is aware of an issue with it. Here are the instuctions they gave me to try.

    There are two ways to use Always-on mode
    1. Through Data mode : You can enable this mode by goin to Always-on preferences and then selecting the check box 'Use Data Connection'. At this point even if you switch off your display , you should continue to receive messages sent by a contact and you will get an alert if set .

    2. Through SMS-mode : You can enable this mode by setting the SMS-email address in the 'Set SMS-email' option
    NOTE : For SMS-mode to work correctly after you have disconnected your data connection , please follow the following steps :
    1. Press 'Exit VeriChat'
    2. Then Press Power key to switch off your display once.
    3. Switch on your display now.
    4. Now disconnect your data connection.
    At this point you should receive all your messages.

    I don't use Data mode so I didn't try option one, but am messing around with option teo. It doesn't seem pratical though. I one to chat and run. I don't have time to go through all of those steps.
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    I use Always On - Data Mode. Verichat continuously logs me off, mid-chat sometimes. The problem is, I don't know it until the person I'm chatting with tells me. All looks fine on my end. Having to be informed I'm offline by SMS or a phone call, defeats the purpose of Verichat.

    I also get resets if I receive a message while reading archived conversations.

    And, I get the White Screen of Death when I hit the home or phone keys after a long chat. Not everytime, but at least twice a day. My Treo was completely stable before installing it.

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