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    After the update my power button stopped working. I can't turn the screen on unless I plug in the treo and I guess it wakes up enough to respond to key presses. When it auto offs after two minutes it is a brick-unresponsive to any keypresses. I have tried multiple soft/hard resets and hotsyncs to no avail. I am on the line to cingular right now trying to get a replacement. This blows because memory went from 2.8 free to 12mb!
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    I'm having a same problem. Holding the "up" key during a soft reset to prevent memory-resident programs from starting lets the power button work properly - so it looks like some sort of oddball software conflict.

    Still investigating...
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    Mine just died... stuck on the "PalmOne" logo at startup. The only way to get rid of that screen is to remove the battery.

    I called Cingular this morning and my replacement is on its way.
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    Are you using PXACLocker to overclock? I have disabled it, and I can now power on/off just fine.

    If I have it enabled, if set for the normal system speed of 312 mhz, then power on/off works fine. If I overclock any application, power on/off does not work properly again if in that appliaction.

    Most annoying.
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    good call- that was the answer so far.
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    Someone should change the title of this thread.

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