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    I'm gonna go ahead and point out that this could possibly belong in another thread...but I'm looking for as many eyes as I can get.

    I'm trying to find the best car kit/cradle possible for $70 or less - one that plays music through PTunes or Aeroplayer, pauses for incoming callers, resumes once the call is over, and clearly charges the phone as soon as I place it in its dock. I already have a 6 ft long cable that goes from a 3.5mm jack to the auxiliary input on the back of my cd player ($30 after shipping from No need for wireless technology since the phone will be in a cradle. I won't have it any other way than a cradle, because cradles rock...moreso in cars than on a desk IMO.

    Anyway...I've got a problem with this setup and I'm going to follow suit with the most logical solution (#1 from below) by tomorrow if people can't help me find another cradle that suits my needs....or can't brainstorm other ideas that I didn't think of.

    My problem is that whenever I plug in the speakers...the microphone is disabled.

    Solutions I've thought of so far:

    (1) Buy this cradle: which has audio-out jack AND a microphone. Has anybody used this cradle, excluding theminor?? How did the microphone sound? Did it seem reliable? Does the 2.5mm jack seem to hold up with day to day use??

    (2) Buy another unknown cradle that has both an audio-out jack and a microphone (or at least enables the microphone while a 2.5mm jack is plugged into the phone.... mentions that you can use the Treo's built-in microphone...but I believe that's because it doesn't have anything in the 2.5mm slot.

    (3) Build a custom cradle out of a cheap universal mount that is sold on ebay....which is prolly gonna look tacky and prolly won't be worth the time and effort put into it. I'd also need to buy a 2-in-1 hybrid adapter also...which is too expensive compared to the originally mentioned cradle.

    (4) Ask Jeff or someone else (which I've already done) to enable the Treo's built-in microphone while speakers are plugged in.

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    Bumpin' one time before I order that no-name cradle from ebay.
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    Well...I ordered it! Will be posting conclusions in about a week.

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