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    Hi. Is anybody else experiencing this??? Have you solved it?


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    Here's another possible cause and a diagnostic tool.

    I did not have any resets in three weeks of Treo 650 ownership. Then I followed the directions and applied the 1.03 Verizon Treo 650 upgrade. No data loss, but I started getting a soft reset after every HotSync.

    Verizon helped me cure it. No really! They suggested it might be a corrupted third party application, which it was (WordToGo, easily reinstalled).

    Here's how to find out which app caused your last soft reset, assuming a more recent hard reset has not occurred. Go to your Phone app and dial these characters:
    I don't think the phone even placed a call. Instantly I got a text window titled "System Error Log." It told me the time and date of my last soft reset and identified the app that caused it.

    Hope this helps. There could easily be other reasons for the symptom.
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