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    My first T650 went back a few days after receiving it. It was freezing and rebooting all the time. My second is much better, but still reboots once every day or two with normal use and more frequently with heavy use. I have nothing installed except the stock apps and Versamail. I have reception problems as well. I drop more calls than I ever did with my old phone, but I have recently heard that my old StarTac was a 3-watt phone and all newer phones are 2-watt. Bummer. But would that explain me having zero bars and my wife (still on a StarTac the lucky dog!) having 5 bars standing right next to me??? Also my bars vary wildly even while standing still. From zero to two, from one to four. It makes no sense.

    At any rate, I can still return this one for another, but is this as good as it gets? Most of my reboots are when using Blazer and Versamail. But it happens at other times. I don't want to return this one if everything I'm experiencing is "normal" for a T650. But if this is not as it should be, I want to know, and I will return it. Please help!

    More info:
    Location: Boston and metro area
    Software: Treo650-1.01-VZW
    PRL: 50295
    Free Space: 17M of 22.4M
    I'm not using a carrying case.
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    Versamail will cause resets or freeze your screen. Blazer resets are common. Check your memory limit and clear your cache often using the menu, while in Blazer. It's under Preferences > Advanced
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    You might also want to update the firmware on that phone. Looks to be a bit out of date...

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