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    Does someone know how to make VeriChat not lose chat threads after a soft reset? Or does someone know how to force a current chat session into archive?
    I have VeriChat set to archive and email every 1 Day (which seems to be the minimum), but since my Treo 650 (Cingular) resets all by itself several times a day, I'm still losing chat threads like crazy.

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    I have Verichat to archive to external card every 1 day. When I soft reset, the current conversation disappears. I just go to the VC main screen and under options, hit "archived conversations". The chat log comes up with all my past chats. I can go to the latest one and scroll to the bottom and see any messages that came during the reset. But the chats do remain there after a soft reset and are saved during the actual chat.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    Mine doesn't do that. When I soft reset, chats that weren't already moved to the archives are just gone forever.
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    Do you have it set to archive to external card and e-mail? Are you running the latest version of VC? Because I just checked and my entire conversation from an hour ago is there, despite resets during. There are even messages I didn't see that came during the reset.
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    I think it's working now. I reinstalled, chatted with friends, and reset.
    Is that new for the latest version?
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    Hehe...I don't know, I never read the update info. I just install when I see a new version of an app. Just be glad you fixed it... ;-)

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