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    I only use Yahoo Messenger for my IM's. I actually bought VeriChat and liked it very much...but I just got a notice that I have to "renew" my software.

    So I'm trying to figure out if I really need it.

    Does anyone out there use a Yahoo Messenger client on their T600/650 (like from Yahoo, for free)? Can they compare/contrast the capabilities with VeriChat?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    This app works very will with yahoo. Only glitch I have seen is that sometimes, if you are receiving a message at the same time you are typing one (i mean actually pressing a button as a message tries to come in), the thing can freeze up. It has also on rare occasions reset my 650 for perhaps a similar reason. Otherwise, it works great, and is free.
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    Does this app work like Verichat always on? SMS or data connection?
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    I recomend Mundu IM very highly. a ONE time fee only.

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