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    Ok so now that the Cingular update is released has anyone figured out what the diff is from 1.28 1.13 ?
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    Great question that I would like answered too.
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    Well one of the issues I have had with 1.28 is freezing up with my phone. I'm hoping going to 1.31 will fix this. I only did it because it couldn't get any worse. I'll keep this thread posted.
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    Let's see:

    Express Mail. I odn;t use it, so I know next to nothing about it.
    "Get Good" which appears to be a way to sign up for "Goodlink" e-mail, I guess.

    No extra languages in ROM.

    Reports of Blazer working beter (faster rendering).

    I'm sure more than that...
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    Personally I'm glad I went ROW. There appears to be a couple of nasty bugs with the Cingular update that affect certain users. And any benefits in the Cingular update will probably be released in an ROW updated shortly. Meanwhile those still relying on Cingular for updates will be stuck waiting who knows how long...... again.
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    With CNG it sounds like you lose the keyboard dimming when you turn down the screen brightness. For now I am sticking with 1.28 ROW until some strong evidence comes in to convince me otherwise.
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    Same Here... I do have some random issues but nothing that seems to have been resolved from .28 -> .31 ... I do wish that Palm published a "Whats New" readme for each revision. That would make our lives alot easier...
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    Yup, keyboard doesnt dim with lights, a bit more memory (no other languages), you get the Cingular X thingy saying hello and goodbye, XpressMail and GetGood icons (thank God for Obfuscate). The side button now silences the ring of incoming calls and ignores them, so they go into voice mail. I missed than from 1.28ROW. Blazer seems as slow as ever to me. ( goes to its "mobile" version, and for some reason it takes FOREVER to render). TreoGuard and KBLights works just like before.
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    wish i could tell you. i keep getting the update is incompatible message

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