Hey all,

On a Cing GSM in PA and have had a voicemail issue since day-one. The problem is this:

When I press and hold "1" (or click on the "Voicemail" button, or hit "listen" when the VM alert prompts me -- basically, whenever I use the BUILT-IN VM number), I get a "the number cannot be completed as dialed" recording. So, I can't seem to get my voicemail through the build-in VM access.

I've gone to the "edit favorite button" menu, and there's the VM number, but here's the problem: 1) the VM is dialing "+1", the area code, the VM number, a "p", and my four-digit mailbox code -- all in one shot, I suppose; and 2) I can't seem to edit this number.

I've done a work-around whereby I can program my VM and code into a different favorites button, and that's all fine, but I'd really like to get my VM by using the built-in access.

Is this a Cingular-in-PA/Philly-area thing only? SHOULD I be able to alter that number on my end? I DID call Cingular service, and I got the answer that it appears to be an "issue" in this area and that they're working on it (though I'm not confident that the CS Rep had a firm grasp of what I was talking about, not am I sure that the answer I got is a fact).

Can anyone help me? IS there a way I can alter my VM number? Or, do I need something re-burned on my SIM, or...? I'm at a loss here.

Thanks, folks!