Hi there, sorry for the noob questions, but I really need a little help figuring this out.

I'm currently in a verizon contract, and I want to buy a 650. I have a few questions regarding the whole Sprint-reprogramming business.

1. On eBay, most of the verizon Tro 650 listings are actually Sprint-branded "reprogrammed" for Verizon. Is there any reason why I should prefer an actual verizon-branded phone to a sprint-reprogrammed?

2. Will Verizon (and or Palm) customer support help me with the sprint-repgroagmmed phone? Can a warranty survive the reprogramming?

3. If I buy a sprint phone reprogrammed for verizon, does it use the SPrint firmware upgrades, or the Verizon frimware upgrades?

4. Can I just include any and all CDMA 650's in my search? The sprint 650's tend to be cheaper, can I buy any Sprint 650 and reprogram it for Verizon myself? Are there only certain sprint 650's that can be repgrogrammde, or will anyone work?

Ok, sorry about all the questions. It's just all a bit confusing, and I'm just trying to figure it out so I can get the best deal.