Has anyone tried to find the Location Based Services(LBS) information on their Treo? Most carriers use GPS coordinates to utilize LBS on cell phones, I think this information would be immensely useful and down right cool if we could view this info on our phones.

Here's a primer>>


Can this be done? Any Palm OS developers out there attempt this? Of course when you ask the carriers about it they say "no, you can't see that information, it's only for 911". Personally I think their full of it and I think the right developer/programmer could dig this information out of the phones.

I am not a programmer, but I am willing to bet that once you enable LBS on your phone, that information HAS to be loaded somewhere in memory. Whether it's GPS coordinates or some other tracking/location information. All we need to do it write a program to go find it and display it on our screen.

What do you think? How cool would that be. Put it this way, it would be yet another application available on the Treo, without having to buy $$$ some third party GPS hardware/software package.

If the location information is already in the phone, why not try to find it ourselves and use it!


- 23T