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    I saw a new story recently about an electronic device that helps you lose weight. it's a simple timer that will beep every 30 seconds. You then take a bite, chew, swallow and wait for the next beep when you do it again. At five minutes it gives a distintive chime that basically asks "are you still hungry?". If your are then process repeats.

    This seems like a good app to make on the treo with adjustable time intervals and text prompts.
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    Try diet and excercise!! Everyone comes along with a crutch for people that don't have the willpower to resist food. You eat too much and don't exercise, you'll end up overweight. It's simple. Try selling your television, computer, and Treo and buy a pair of running shoes or a bike. You'll lose weight and feel better and won't need a palm program to remind you to chew. It's no wonder that record number of kids are now being diagnosed with childhood diabetes. Someone please lock this thread.
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    I was gonna say something along the lines of that...but you said it much better (and nicer).
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    Or use the Treo for dieting like they do in Los Angeles - stick the Treo's antenna nub down your throat after each meal.

    That should clear out your body's DBcache.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tcc
    Or use the Treo for dieting like they do in Los Angeles - stick the Treo's antenna nub down your throat after each meal.

    That should clear out your body's DBcache.
    Or just eat the Treo - probably won't eat for awhile after that.
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    I'll just settle for a pill. LOL, no harm in raising your hand CoJones.
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    I think there are some apps you could program to do this (ignoring the useless posts above...). Bob's Alarm might do it for ya.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    ignoring the useless posts above...
    Yeah, it's always funny how some people just HAVE to flaunt their stupidity. The net is full of those dumbasses.

    The treo is a digital assistant. One of the uses is to "remind you" of things. Why not have it "remind you" to be conscious about your eating? I think this is a good thing even if you're not overweight. Whatever works...

    Bob's alarm sounds like a good option but an app that specifically does it would be simpler to set up and use. It could also give specific text prompts relevant to task at hand.
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    Well...why don't you eat when you're hungry and exercise when your digital assistant reminds you?

    Just offerin' a suggestion.
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    this is a funny thread !
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    WTF?? I only thought I had heard it all...

    The best Diet program out there is Diet & Exercise Assistant by Keyoe. It simply tracks what goes into your body, what your body needs, and what goes out of your body (in the form of activity.)

    Losing weight is simple. It is not easy, however it takes discipline and self control.

    Having said all that, there've been a lot of studies that suggest chewing food more fully has many health benefits.
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    have a look at BWM
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    I think the idea is good. There needs to be some good diet programs developed. Diet and Exercise Assistant apparently is the best out there but there is room for improvement. I can't believe DEA doesn't make use of the 5 way. I own it and have tried Weight Watchers and Balance Log. As far as I'm concerned they all need work if you're going to use them on a Treo 650. Just my 2 cents.

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