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    My phone just sits there with the PalmOne logo on the screen... but that little black progress bar at the bottom that uses to move no longer shows up. I've re-set it many times but nothing happens. I can't hard-reset because the PalmOne screen never changes.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    I'm afraid that doesn't sound hopeful. You might check shadowmite's site ( too. Did the update seem sucessful? Did you get all the way through it? Did you get any wierd error messages?

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    The update was going great. The update was uploaded to the treo, and then it installed. It unpacked itself (screen showed from 0% to 100%) and that took a few minutes. Then I saw a bunch of text start scrolling up the screen. It re-set, then the palm logo showed... and showed... and showed.
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    Try it again. Worst that can happen is you demand a new phone from Cingular and your old one will go back to the repair center to be reflashed.
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    I can't... the phone won't pass the "PalmOne" screen, which means I can't sync with anything... therefor I can't upload the install files back to the treo... or enter the OS... or anything. It's just dead.

    I called Cingular and their department that replaces phones is closed right now... so I'll call them in the morning and see if they'll replace it. I bought it through but I think Cingular still covers all the warranty work.
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    Not a good scenario - it will be covered under the 1 year warranty for a failure like that assuming you had a legit ROM on it to begin with.
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    Yep... I always stayed with Cingular ROM's. Phone came with the original ROM, I updated the last ROM (1.05 I think) without a problem... I'm guessing my buggy 650 may have had a hiccup and re-set during the flash (it would re-set even without having any third party apps on it or being synced to a computer lately). Oh well... hopefully the new one will have a few less bugs and it lets me start installing apps from scratch again.
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    Try a "zero out" reset. Instructions can be found on Palm's support site - a search here will probably find you a link.
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    Can't... I lost my sync cable on a business trip a while back. I have a cradle but it doesn't have a hotsync button on it so I can not perform a zero-out-reset.

    I don't think that would solve this problem though. A zero out reset clears out the 3rd part apps and re-sets the ROM to it's default settings... but my system won't even startup. I think my flash just went wrong and my ROM is now destroyed. Doing a zero-out-reset would do nothing if it can't even read the default settings from a good ROM.

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