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    Questions regarding the Treo 650...

    1.) Adding a pause only works for the My Favorites Buttons but not the regular contacts app?

    2.) Can the email be setup to "autofill" an email address instead of having to look a name up or typing a whole address? (IE. If I type "jon" it auto enters jonwharm@comcast...)

    3.) Is there an application you recommend to autofill words when typing an email? My boss said he had this feature on his blackbury. I guess like when you type "dec" it auto suggests december.

    4.) Finally, when sending emails via reply from the Treo Email App, we are only able to manually enter a semicolon instead of it auto-adding. Do you know how to go about that?
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    You're lookin' for predictive-text input....but, I don't think anything like that exists for this phone. The reason prolly being that you can type just about as fast as you typing a letter and then pausing to see if the word that was chosen to "auto-fill" is the one you're lookin' for or not. Just spend some time with the thumbboard and the option'll get used to it before you know it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bravonator
    1.) Adding a pause only works for the My Favorites Buttons but not the regular contacts app?
    I just came face to face with this issue because my new Parrot CK3100 handsfree kit will crash the Treo 650 if any favorites have extra digits under "More."

    I ended up searching the boards here with the handy search feature that lets you search and found out the answer, by searching.

    Apparently only favorites can have extra digits, which blows. I check my voice mail a lot, and don't want to have to key in my password every time. Until Palm, Verizon and Parrot release new firmware (HA!) to fix this issue I guess it's either handsfree or auto dial.
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    For handling pauses (and MUCH more....) TAKEphONE

    For autofill (and much more...) ChatterEmail
    Both of these are realy MUSTS for the Treo.

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