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    So my Treo 600 just developed some yellow pixels on the screen, and it's growing fast. Also, my reception seems to have degraded considerably since the yellow pixels started showing, not sure if the two are related.

    Here's my question--I've been paying for Lockline, and wanted to see if they'd replace my 600 with a refurbished 650. Has anyone had any luck with this? Any recommendations on how I should ask for this? If I have to pay the difference, what have other people "paid" to upgrade via insurance?

    One more related question--I'm up for my 2 year phone discount in Feb. 2006, would switching to a refurbished 650 via insurance reset this discount? I wanted the discount to stay in place just in case the Treo 700 comes out
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    Ask slinky...he conned his way into a 650 upgrade....even though he thinks there are better phones out there.
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    I struggled with Lockline, but I didn talk go to the sprint store and just tell them I wanted a 650 instead and they gave it to me no questions asked.
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    I wouldn't argue with Lockline, to be honest. If your phone is still under warranty, take it into the Sprint Store and forget about Lockline. I've gotten upgraded from a 300, to a 600, to a 650 with absolutely no charge that way. Lockline is only good if your phone is lost or damaged, or out of warranty.

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