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    I seem to get anywhere between 1 and 20 reboots a day, on incoming calls and incoming SMS messages. The lightwav support hasn't been very helpful, and it's starting to get really annoying.

    I still have over 30% of my RAM free, so I don't think it should be a memory issue. Just downloaded RescoLock and locked Lightwav and Ptunes, but I stilll had a reboot a couple of minutes later. Any ideas?
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    LightWav has been very stable for me for a long while now. I have been using version 5.5 since it came out, and never had a problem.

    I'm currently using SPCS 1.12. When I was using an older version of LightWav on the original ROM that came installed on the Treo, I did experience a lot of reboots.

    Using 1.12 has pretty much solved my reboot problems with ALL of my apps.
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    Yeah, I'm using the SPCS version 1.12 also, and version 5.5 #2004.524 of Lightwav.
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    Its fairly stable for me too....I do have occasional problems.

    I have trouble with the Card Eject Sound....when the card is ejected the alarm goes off and never stops. It requires a reset.
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    I have had no problems with it either

    SPCS 1.12
    Lwav 5.5 #2004.524
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    Oh yeah, I had forgotten the occasional problem with alarms going off and requiring a reset. I have that one, too.
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    Maybe I shoudl ask what MP3 player y'all are using?
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    ptunes 3.1
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    Quote Originally Posted by kayden75
    ptunes 3.1
    Same here
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    Lightwav 5.5 and Ptunes 3.0.9 here and stable for me. As for the card eject sound not stopping, try pressing the volume rocker up or down, that turns it off for me.
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    Working fine for me...


    Live!650 1.0#2005.005 and Ptunes 3.1 Deluxe
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    Damn, do I just have a remarkably unstable SPCS Treo or what? How many ringtones do you guys have? And how many MP3s?
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    I have about 40 mp3s, most of them clipped to about 30-45 seconds.
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    I was a happy Lightwav user on my 600. But on my 650 I had my treo reset at least once everyday. I switched to Ringo removed Ptunes and just use Real now. I haven't had an unplanned reset since. It has been three weeks.

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    Which provider are you on, James? I'm starting to think about converting to Ringo Pro myself, although it's hard for me to test it because of the one-user limit with the personalized ringtones in the trial.

    I've got maybe 80 MP3 tones -- if other Lightwav/Ptunes people are okay with close to that, I don't see why it's so bloody unstable on my phone.

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