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    What i want is to have my treo display the Date/Time all the time like any other cellphone without draining the battery. I do not want to click on End and then unlock it just to see the current date/time.

    Is there a simpler way to acheive this ?
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    instead of the red button, push the green button. One push should show the screen with the time displayed without having to unlock the phone.

    As for always displaying, I suppose there could be some type of Palm screensaver app, but I don't know how you can have both a constant screen display and no battery drain.
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    Also check out ClockPop 5. I have it assigned to the Calendar button. With the Treo off, pressing the calendar button displays the time, releasing it shuts the Treo down again.

    I don't think you'd want to keep the screen on all the time. It uses a lot more power than most phone screens (bigger, higher res, bright backlight). But if you want to experiment, there is an app called AlwaysOn that will disable the auto-off timer.
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