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    I've got a SprintPCS Treo 650 w/ the 1.12 update. I've been using VersaMail with Exchange ActiveSync. All of a sudden last week, every time I try to sync, a handful of messages come through and then I get this error message:
    "AirSAMStateMachine.c 1267 1223 Sync did not complete. There may not be enough device memory. Delete some messages and try again." ... But, I have 13.4M free out of 23.7M!

    I've tried deleting all databases created by asc3 & asc4, as well as renaming the VersaMail folder on my hard drive, per this support article:,CASE=36541 . But, I haven't tried the hard reset yet.

    Has anyone else seent this error? Any advice??
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    I haven't seen this error.
    My advice: Get Chattermail (

    I once used Versamail, until I tried to use it to send an email. On more than one occasion I would 'thumb' a few paragraphs then go to add an attachment, and BOOM BABY... reset. Of course my emails never were in the drafts folder. Turns out that every time I tried to insert an attachment from the sd card it would reset. Screw that!
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    I just started getting this error. my email was working fine until today -- did you find a fix for it?
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