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    Quote Originally Posted by RicoM
    Dang...just noticed something. The E&B case is a sewn belt loop case. I.e. I have to put it on when I'm putting my belt on and not as an "afterthought" like the other cases. This is a deal breaker for me. When I get home, or when I'm driving I may just like to pull the whole case/phone off. And I'll be wearing this on my left side so I'd have to take most of my belt off to reloop it. It's a slight annoyance, but one I don't want to deal with. Well with that, the fact (or I guess the reports) that the P6 isn't that well constructed, I guess I'll be getting a Covertec case. Thanks for the inputs!
    I love the E&B case too. The belt loop was the deal maker for me. I've lost two pdas and one cell phone on belt clips. I do not trust them anymore. I know the loop isn't going anywhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zvandiver
    I have the Covertec, and have been very satisfied with it. I place my screen facing inwards. The cutouts allow good access to the ports. I also have eGrips on, and insertion/removal is no problem. I especially like the clip on the Covertec. It is built into the case, and keeps the unit very close to your body. I have other cases, but I always come back to the Covertec.
    How did you know it'd work with a skin? How much room does it allow for a skined Treo? Is it too loose if your Treo is not skinned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sygyzy
    How did you know it'd work with a skin? How much room does it allow for a skined Treo? Is it too loose if your Treo is not skinned?

    I only have eGrips on the battery cover of my Treo, and it slips in and out of the case just fine. Other people have reported that using a skin makes a tight fit, but it works. You should be able to find some comments with a search.
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    I learned, the hard way, that Piel Frama's vertical case is decidedly less than a thrill. Looks good, but my Treo 600 spent more time falling than staying inside. The clip gets shaky as heck as time goes by, no matter how careful you are. Once I upgraded to the 650, I spent some serious time running all sorts of google searches, since I wanted something other than black. And, given the near traumas induced by the PF case, I spent many a night trolling these boards to see which cases were reported as having untrustworthy clips. All that homework paid off. I bumped into a horizontal case that I had never seen elsewhere. Just under $30:
    ... Treo 650 Sahara Side Loading Leather Case

    (Same URL)

    It's a deep golden tan with chocolate brown trim. Ordered on a Monday night, and it arrived that Thursday in my mailbox (standard shipping/East Coast). Suede leather. Looks and feels elegant in hand. The clip is rivited-- incredibly strong, so this buddy ain't popping off! The case fits snug to the body, and the clip will lock in place after rotating it to the desired angle. It's a snug fit, but no hassles removing the Treo, courtesy of little cut-outs at the bottom, so you can pop it up, and out. I don't have a skinned Treo, but I suspect that would make it too tight a fit.

    FWIW, no belt is needed. On off hours I wear it clipped to the top of my right jeans pocket. Can't get over how secure it sits, no matter how I twist. Keeper, for sure. Hence, this heads up.
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    I received the P6 as an xmas gift, and it does the job great! Unlike the covertec, the p6 uses 2 magnets on its latch and it is a nice snug fit. Fit and finish are excellent.

    The belt clip has a safety button latch (going the opposite direction) to prevent the holder from accidently sliding off the belt, which is great!
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    I see there is an upgrade from the standard Covertec to one with integrated belt clip reinforced by metal.

    I also found this universal vertical pouch. I like the style but it has no cutouts for using a headset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eKeith
    I see there is an upgrade from the standard Covertec to one with integrated belt clip reinforced by metal.
    Very astute! It seems the black one is the only one with the newer metal belt clip. I didn't see the difference before but now I do. Thanks!
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    This one has both a clip and a belt loop and is only $17.00.
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    I just got my Treo 650 as a replacement for a failing Samsung i330. The difference between the two devices is like night and day. Of course, I've spent way too much time reading through posts both here and on

    The first thing I did was order a screen protector and a case. Based on the reviews here, I opted for the P6. It arrived just the other day and I couldn't be more pleased.

    It fits the 650 snugly and securely; it's fairly easy to get the device in and out of the case; and the case just looks and feels great.

    And you can't beat the price - just $19.95! Definitely the way to go for a horizontal case.
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    I used a P6 for about 6 months with no problems other than the clip being very tight and doing slight damage to a belt. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the stitching on the clip was failing. The clip is now completely 'naked' (bare metal) and I have stooped using it for that reason.
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