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    I've ignored this for a while, but today I decided while I was waiting on something holding up my work at my desk today to try to figure out what was causing a 10s or so white screen when soft resetting. This is after the Pa1mOne screen, after the round logo, etc, before the Phone application shows.

    When I hard reset for the firmware update a few weeks ago I noted the Palm soft reset much faster, and I think the white screen wasn't shown or was shown for just a second or so, not the 10 or so seconds mine shows.

    I disabled every program I could think of that runs all the time or runs at boot (Chatter, VolumeCare, Butler, etc), but I'll look more later. Moved them all to the SD card after disabling them to make sure. Tried soft resetting without the SD card in place, etc.. Still the white screen each time.

    It might be the internal launcher running through installed programs, perhaps all of them together are taking up time, or maybe just one.. I'll have to move the rest of the programs (things that don't necessarily run at boot/all the time) to the card a few at a time and see if I can isolate it.

    Anyone else messed with this? It's not like I reset often, just ran out of dbcache earlier messing with Power48 and decided to try to isolate it while I had some time to play around with it. Maybe I should have read my book instead.
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    I've just started getting the white screen after updating the VZW software. It started happening when I was surfing the Web. First, I got a message that there was insufficient memory, then the white screen. The only thing that got me out of it was a soft reset. I am going to do some trouble shooting when I get some time.
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    This is just at soft reset.. A white screen switching programs is different, although might be a similar problem.. White screen between switching programs is likely nvfs dbcache clearing going on.
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    Yeah, I've got the white screen on boot too. It may have come with the new VZW firmware, but I'm not 100%. I don't think it's consistently on every boot, either...

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