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    I have had DUN running with my Vaio for about 7 months now.
    For some reason today...I went to my connection shortcut and the PC won't dial a connection. OK ...I set up a new connection and away we go...Everything is working.

    I shutdown and go to the GYM...when I come back...not DUN service.
    I repair...reload bluetooth drivers...uninstall and reinstall XP SP2 and reload all my bluetooth drivers.....For some "my connections" bluetooth now says (Personal Area Network) instead of DUN....WTF
    Now I'm trying to pair and repair my devices and for some reason I get no modem capability with bluetooth. I did a hard reset on my 650 and reverted back to 1.08 firmware and tried that....nothing?

    Has anyone come across these issues?

    What am I missing here?

    It was working and now nothing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I will be traveling in the next two days and use my laptop as my GPS using DUN.

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    I wonder if the problem you're having is the same as mine. I pair my phone with the laptop with no problem. Then I set up the phone under 'Phone and Modem' options. Then, I create a connection under 'Network Connections', but the Bluetooth Modem is not an option, only the internal modem on the laptop. The "Standard Bluetooth" modem is available under 'Phone and Modem Options', but does not exist as an option in the setup of Network Connection. The OS is Windows XP, SP2. If you found the answer to this problem, please post. I spent much too much time on this earlier today.
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    me too...

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