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    The SD card on my Treo just stopped working.

    The SD card works in my SD card reader but the treo no longer recognizes that there is an SD card present. All of the files are still present on the card. When inserting or removing the card I get no recognition of even performing that action no beeping or anything. This seemed to happen all of the sudden.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Sounds like the card is no longer making the appropriate contact within the Treo's card slot. It appears to me more of a hardware problem, than a 3rd party software conflict problem, but I would try a soft reset just in case.

    Also, try gently cleaning the contacts of the SD card with a slightly damp w/ rubbing alcohol Q-Tip. Maybe one of the contacts is dirty and the Treo is being more fussy than your card reader.
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    ahhhh - ever since the last update my 650 doesn't like the SD cards for about 10 minutes after a reset.

    Could that be your problem too?

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    Very odd. My SD card is frakked up too. At first I thought it was software related -- I've been trying out launchers, but now the card won't even read via an external reader. I hate to even think it (but....), could there be something wrong with the SD slot that fries cards? I am running a VZW650, what are you all?

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