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    Guys - does anyone have this problem? When I hold a key on my Treo650 in Zlauncher it soft resets! - last night it hard reset! - thinking about this, I had the same issue with my Treo600. I know its something to do with Butler K-launch and Treocaps600 but I cant figure out what it is exactly ... ideally I want to hold a key in zlauncher to fire the butler k-launch function... anyone know a workaround other than 'dont hold the keys in zlauncher'

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    You may have to use something other than KeyCaps600 -- there is a modified version of it in the thread below. That same thread also has links to a YAHM/TreoKeyHack combination that I am using instead of KeyCaps 600. It got rid of my problem of Butler Web and phone favorites not working:
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    I have had that same problem (but not a hard reset yet) and posted about this in another thread. I don't have Butler, but have KeyCaps650 (not enabled though) and the TreoKeyHack enabled. What version of ZLauncher is each person using? I am using 5.20 on a Sprint Treo 650.
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    I also have this problem; in particular, it crashed when it tried to go the zlauncher SD card tab. I avoid the problem by removing the tab for the SD card. It happens to me with or without Butler (but definitely with Keycaps650).
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    I have ZL and keycaps (and Butler), and have no problem at all.
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    bump - one year on, and this is still driving me nuts... any fresh ideas?

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