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    After installing Shadowmites custome ROM I was missing two files that would allow me to view HiRes fonts on my Treo. So after going through a painful file restore on my Treo I can finally view the new Chatter small fonts. However, I believe those fonts could use a bit of boldness to be more readable.
    If you look at picture A you will see the default font size for chatter, which is good but too big though. Now, if we look at picture C we see that the fonts are too thin, and it might be hard to read at times especially outdoors. Now, I was looking a Verichat and I see that there are quite a few options for font sizes and I found an intermidiate font size which is on picture B.
    Picture B description:
    Name: Gill Sans MT
    Size: 6
    Type: bold

    Marc, is it possible to add an in between option for font sizes?


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