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    Hi there,

    I am posting this hoping that someone has figured it out:

    I have just installed a Parrot CK3000 Evolution in my car. It works great, pairs perfectly, and I am able to answer calls, as well as initiate calls from my Treo 650.

    All I want now is to transfer 3-4 phone numbers from my Favorites to the Parrot so that I can use the Parrot's voice tag function.

    According to PalmOne and Parrot, I should be able to transfer my Favorites from my Treo to the bluetooth carkit by going to Prefs>Handsfree>Voicetags Setup. However, when I go there, the Treo screen does not change to a list of my Favorites as indicated here (different model, but the procedure should be the same).

    In this thread, rickla says that it works if the Parrot is initially disconnected from the Treo. But how? I tried every possible way I could think of, and I still can't figure it out.

    Has anybody tried this successfully? Am I missing something?

    Your insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Deceptively simple: go to contacts > menu > send category.
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    Thanks Nanook: I will try it in a few minutes on my way to work. How about the actual Favorites? Is there a way?
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    I just started playing around with it, but from what I understand, the favorites automatically sync with the Parrot. This caused a reboot loop with my Treo until I removed the automatically dialing digits from the "More" part of my favorites.

    I don't know how favorites are treated as opposed to regular phone book entries in the Parrot, though.
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    Nanook: I tried your suggestion, but I am afraid it won't work for me. My categories include hundreds of contacts. I am just looking to import the few favorites I have, some with extra digits.In trying to upload individual contacts, some of them will work, and others will prompt the Parrot to say "invalid contact".

    From what I read, the reset loop was a problem with older an firmware, and it shouldn't affect me.

    Could anybody successfully transfer his/her Treo 650 favorites to the Parrot CK3000? How did you do it?

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