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    Got it working. They actually improved the handheld interface some. I mostly listen to a dedicated mp3 player in the car, but I just like the idea of having access to my entire collection from anywhere. How can you not like that?
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    You do the same. Bring up Blazer, select your songs, start playing them, switch to PTunes and connect to the stream. Wish it was more automatic.....maybe we should get support for SlimServer from NormSoft!!!! Hmmmmm, there's an idea.

    I'm having some difficulties. I bring up Blazer and Blazer then asks me if I want to download to PTunes. If I reply no the session ends. If I reply yes, then PTune comes up and it appears to be trying to download my entire collection, which of course I don't have sufficient memory, and aborts due to insufficient memory.
    Any advice?
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