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    It does look like it isn't leather but the burn test might be inconclusive. The reason is manufacturers, for example auto manufacturers, will coat leather will a plastic protectant. If you have a thin leather (to be supple) mounted to a cloth (for strength and resiliance), coated with a plastic protectant (for stain and wear resistance) it will probably burn much like a vinyl case.
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    This is a lovely thread :-) As Marcus noted, I am not affiliated with the store so that does afford me the ability to be as honest as I can (see my current unflattering review of the mobiBlue Leather Flip Case). I do try to keep up with the forums when I can, but I missed this thread. I may have been duped by pleather, maybe not and certainly it was not my intent to mislead anyone. My wife suggests I take the thing to a shoe store to see what they say. I'll report back when I can. (I'm not interested in taking a match to the thing because 1. I do use it occasionally and 2. I don't know if that is the correct test.)
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    The shoe repair guy took one look at it and pronounced "Not leather." And then I bought two pounds of tomatoes, seven ears of corn, a hot pepper, and swiss chard at the farmer's market. A good outting I think. -- Doug
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    Thanks Doug, I think TC has been as open and honest about this as can be. The entire matter has increased my level of confidence in TC's customer support.

    So Marcus, what do the folks that make the MOBO have to say?
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    The lower level staff I have talked claim it is leather, but I am sure they are reading of the same sales sheet that we were. I have removed all references to leather from this product.

    We do have a new wallet case coming out next week (don't dare to comment on the material yet), but I like it over the Mobo case.
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    I am sure it will be fine Marcus. Thanks for updating the review.
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    Thank you for the update Marcus. I doubt removing those references will affect anyone's desire to purchase if they were already interested in it. Given it is the design that makes the case unique. Not what it is made from. Although it does appear the folks higher up in MOBO just might be trying to "pull a fast one" on everyone.

    Good that another wallet case is coming. Given a choice I don't think folks who know the issues involved here want to line MOBO's pockets. Marcus I hope MOBO allows you to return unsold product for a refund if you decide to go that route with them.
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