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    I searched the FAQ's without finding much: Is there a way to hotsync a wav file to be used as a ringtone? I was able to load the file onto the expansion card, but I don't know how to add it to the sound list.

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    The best way I have found to do it is to email yourself the wav file then download it to your phone. It will automatically save as a ringtone in your sond files. If you want to have it on your SD Card then you may need to get a program like RINGO PRO to use it. I have tons of wave files that I have edited to by only 10 to 20k and then emailed it to myself and they work as ringtones. Emailing it will be just as fast is hotsyncing it to your sd card if not faster.
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    Another handy way is to get a free voice recorder or purchase PAR pro and record your own voice WAV files to use as ring tones. I have bunches of 'em and when used with Call Filter, it makes it very easy to know who is calling. Ben

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