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    I am looking for a software, which recognizes all calls from my company, which are build like a pattern, e.g. 12345-xxxx.
    I know that there is software which assigns ringtones to caller ids. But I cannot enter all of the numbers used by my company into Treo's database.

    Is there any software which recognizes patterns of caller ids?

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    Lightwav will assign rings to a contact. You would need to creat a contact "XYZ Company" and list all the numbers inside the contact. Then select this contact in Lightwav and it will recognize all the numbers.

    I dont see how recognizing "patterns" of caller id would be make sense....possibly a range of numbers.
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    The features I think you are looking for are either assigning numbers with wilcards or being able to assign ringtones by company (which will use the company field of the contact notes).
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    Tekara, Digitalfx,
    assigning numbers with wildcards or a range of numbers is exactly what I am looking for. Any idea?

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