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    since installing build 75, i'm having a problem setting the preferences for the phone button loop. it will not allow me to move items up or down on the list. also, if i try to add an application, it takes over the last spot and deletes whatever was there before. any idea why this is happening and what i can do about it??
    thanks in advance!
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    still having the problem - anyone have any suggestions? i am able to add an application to the list but can't move it up or down with the arrows. and, i can only add 1, if i try to add another it takes the place of the previous one on the list.

    the built in selections like speed dial, call log etc. stay on the list but also can't be moved up or down with the arrows.
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    Due to the technical way this loop thing can be implemented, there are limitations to the way you can build the list:

    1. You can not add more than one external application - once I launch an external application, it gain control of the device, and I cant change the PHONE button behaviour within it.
    So only thing I can do is have the system set to launch TAKEphONE back when the PHONE button is pressed.

    2. This is also why the external app must be last in the loop.

    3. You should be able to move the other inner views of TAKEphONE - those that are active (but not to after the external app).

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