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    I recently moved from Versamail to Chatter and wanted to delete my accounts and messages from Versamail. Vesamail will not let me delete all my accounts on the Treo. It tells me that I must have at least one email account. Is there a way to delete the last account and get that space back?
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    Create a new "blank" account and then delete the original. As long as you enter in bogus info and don't sync it, you'll have a small VersaMail.
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    How bad do you want to get rid of VersaMail? There is the whole custom ROM thing, where you can strip it and other programs from the ROM and gain that space back. Got about 4 hours? Read all the custom ROM threads and visit, then decide if you are brave enough to attempt it.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I would like to get rid of the application too, but my question was how to get rid of the accounts. Versamail will not let you delete the last accout. It always wants one account setup. Lame if you ask me.

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