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    Does anyone use this software($34). It connects u to the internet through your smartpbone. Apparently you connect to their network through BT or your USB cable and go from there. There's no monthly fee. I don't think u need the DUN feature on your phone for this to work. With DUN you will need to enter the phone number of an ISP (which you will pay for) and connect to the internet in the traditional manner. Correct? Would the DUN with a traditional ISP work better or faster? (before I pay for the pdaNet software) pdaNet seems to work quite well. It's close to dial up speed. Thanx for sharing your knowledge about this .
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    I don't use PdaNet ,but it is my understanding that PdaNet allows you to connect to your wireless carriers data plan but that it can also be customized to dial your ISP,but then I would guess you would be charged for voice AND data minutes if you are using it to dial your ISP-another point to clarify.
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    I used it last month for an entire week while on vacation.

    It uses your Treo's data connection. Worked great.
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    It's actually quite a bit faster than dial-up speeds. It's EDGE and I get 100-150 kbps consistently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlczl
    It's actually quite a bit faster than dial-up speeds. It's EDGE and I get 100-150 kbps consistently.
    This is the ONLY ap I've found so far worth buying. As soon as the trial period expired I purchased it. Works flawlessly (with sync cord, have never used BT). I love having internet available on my laptop anytime, almost anywhere. As mentioned above much faster than dial-up, and when I used DUN on my 7135, the connection speed was only 19kbs. I recomend PdaNet without hesitation.
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    I use bluetooth DUN to do the same thing for free. And no wires. . .
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    If you are using a firmware with bluetooth DUN disabled, PDAnet is the way to go. You can use bluetooth, cable, or IR. It configures everything on the PC side for you.
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    They say you are definantly are not supposed to do this(pdaNet)They will bill you for it.(Icalled them)They have something called an "air card"you can purchase from them if you use the DUN for Internet access. Thought you would want to know.
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    it works pretty well for me. when i moved into my new home, i didn't have telephone or ISP access for about 2 weeks. so, i dialed up using pdanet and my treo, and logged about 40 mb of data that month. thank goodness for unlimited data plans!
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    PdaNet works great!! I can log on for hours at no extra charge using a Sprint Treo 650. Even though I have the BT DUN feature with version 1.12 from Sprint, I've never bothered trying to figure it out, since PdaNet works so brainlessly well. I've always used the USB cord choice, instead of Bluetooth when using PdaNe. I can stay logged on for hours with my laptop.
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    I did try pdanet, and it is extremely easy to use. Much easier than bluetooth DUN. But then again, I do enjoy a challenge.
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    All of you Sprint users out there using this PDA Net might want to check out this thread:
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    I have Sprint and use PDANet but not that often. Mainly in airports to avoid the $6.95 to $9.95 that they charge for WIFI. It really works great, easy connection (I always use the cable) and decent speed. I don't think I'll be getting any warning will robinson letters from Sprint either. In the six months I have used the phone I have used maybe 181,000K. I am a data lightweight.
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    PDAnet worked flawlessly for me with both my laptop and desktop. If you like PDAnet you should try their PDAreach. It allows you do use your palm on your desktop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by string3599
    All of you Sprint users out there using this PDA Net might want to check out this thread:

    I have been using PDANET since December '04. Works every time with cable or BT, hasn't harmed my health and best of all, Sprint hasn't issued an arrest warrant for me. Well as far as I know. I have been keeping a low profile lately, just in case.

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