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    Hey dudes

    Any help ya'll can offer is GREATLY appreciated

    First off, I'm a filmmaker, and I would love to get MPEG4's of my short films onto my Treo --- it seemed that Kinoma was the best resolution for this

    anyhoo ---

    I took a '.mov' file of a film that I had and, using Apple's program COMPRESSOR, I turned it into an MPEG4, or as apple calls it, M4A

    Kinoma recognized it and listed it upon its menu ----- upon clicking on it, my Treo went into a RESET LOOP that couldn't be stopped

    I had to WARM RESET, delete Kinoma, and from there, everything else seemed to work

    before that, Kinoma had handled my pics and songs ----- but the M4A ruined it

    Is this a Kinoma problem?

    Should I download Kinoma Producer and only make MPEG4's over that?

    I appreicate all help ----- THANK YOU!!!!!
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    okay ---- after some long research, I think I've figured out why Kinoma acted out so bad

    I previously had the STOWAWAY BLUETOOTH drivers installed, and I don't think I disconnected the keyboard ---- from there, I think that caused all the files to play kinda erratically ---- and that also messed up the M4A files

    I did download Kinoma Producer, and re-converted a film with that

    now Kinoma is humming along beautifully - playing AAC's and M4A movies

    so ---- DISCONNECT your BT items when using Kinoma, and use Producer


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