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    I've got a question for people using the Virtual Modem networking option to dial into an ISP and get on the internet. I'm using the RoadRunner script that has been posted in several forums and dialing into a local number.

    When I initially set this up a few days ago, it took approximately 2-3 minutes to connect. Is this the normal time? Does it take that long for you to connect?

    I then tried this tonight, and it sits on the connecting screen for about 3-4 minutes, then just cancels out, never connecting. I tried changing the number I'm dialing, but I had the same problem. I tried calling the number directly from the phone and I immediately get a modem init string, so I know the number is correct.

    Can anybody provide some insight on the Virtual Modem? Maybe I'm missing a setting or something?

    Here's all my settings:

    Virtual Modem
    Username is set
    Password is set
    Phone is listed with no spaces (i.e. 8585551212)

    Idle Timeout set to Never
    IP Address set to Automatic
    Query DNS checked

    Send CR
    Send aolnet/ent.
    Send CR
    Send User ID
    Send CR
    Send CR
    Send Password
    Send CR
    Send CR
    Send PPP
    Send CR
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    I remember reading that one person had to add Prompt at the end of that script. When the prompt came up he just hit enter without entering any text. That's the only way he could get it to complete the connection.

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