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    My Send button (Green phone icon) does not appear to be behaving as it is supposed to, and I can't tell if it's something I did or not.

    According to the manual, if you press the send button, it should take you to the main phone view (which it does). From there, if you press the send button again, it's supposed to open the call log, but it doesn't. Instead, the main view just refreshes. Furthermore, if you press and hold the send button, it's supposed to dial the last number, but it just flashes the main view over and over. Lastly, when you're on the Call Log view, if you are on a number and click the send button, it's supposed to dial that number. It doesn't. Instead, it just goes back to the phone main view.

    It appears that all the send button is doing is opening the phone main view and nothing else. It appears to have this behavior for almost every screen I'm on. Only screen I've found where it works properly is if I'm in contacts and currently highlighting a number. Pressing send does indeed dial the contacts number.

    So, did I change some setting on accident to make this happen? I tried going into Prefs/Buttons and setting that back to default, but that didn't help.

    Please let me know how to fix this, or do I need to take my phone back and get another?
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