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    i have bought a treo 300 from ebay...and really want to know how to text or reply to sms. i dont really want to pay for treo300sms..and was wondering if either somone knows how to somehow enable the capability of sending sms or knows of a program thats free..or easy to crack(lol)

    if ppl want aim for there smartphones/palms here is a link...requires palm os 3.0 or higher...

    please somone reply!
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    Free? The charge isn't by the phone, it's by your carrier. So unless you wanna try to hack through the carrier's network (mind you it's quite a crime), you need to pay for this.

    We all have to pay for our playtime.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    the charge is for the licence number for the not charged for texting or internet use...its hacking into treo300sms to allow me to use that program unlimited

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