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    Can anyone tell me what other email applications are out there that work using activesync technology? I have activesync working & versamail does a "decent" job, but are there any other apps I can load on treo 650 that can take advantage of activesync protocols and be able to download email and calendar like activesync? I need an app with more features.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    In terms of a stand-alone email app that runs on your Treo, Versamail is the only Activesync client available. There are other apps, like Good and Intellesync that sync with Outlook/Exchange, but they require either an agent that sits on a PC to forward synced data to the Treo, or server-side software on your exchange server to do basically the same thing.
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    Waynew, Dataviz just released "Roadsync", which does the email portion - but not the calendar. It is a Palm program, not a server or redirector addon.

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